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Launched on the LMR just before 1pm. Water was high due to the rain and temp was between 59 and 62 where I was. It was pretty stained also. Weather was good with a nice breeze, but the cloud cover around 4pm really dropped the air temperature. Lures that caught fish were the 3" RT Mullet paddle-tail in gold pearl shad and the 3" RT Sardine in electric chicken on a 1/16 oz MF jighead. These colors worked well in the stained water. In clearer water, I used the 3" and 4" mullet in silver smoke shad.
Worked one spot up river, but no luck. Back into a favorite shallow bay. Wind had picked up. Water was stained and a chilly 60 degrees. Tried the Strike King Redfish Magic, but no luck. Switched to the sardine paddle-tail and got some action. Picked up a small snook at 1:25 pm. Two minutes later a dink snook. Another small snook at 1:28pm. Picked up a decent snook of 20" at 1:31pm. Working along and got nailed at 1:34pm. Set the hook and a fish came to the surface thrashing his head. This was a better fish and gave me a nice fight up to the boat. Finally realized it was a red. After a seesaw battle for a minute, I slipped the net under her. She came in at a chunky 24.5".
Another dink snook at 1:43pm. His brother a minute later. Hooked into a rat red at 1:48pm. Just two minutes later, I set the hook on something with a bit of weight. Turned out to be a pretty nice snook of 27" that gave me a good fight.
It was turning out to be a good day so far. Another small snook at 1:58pm that struck right at the boat when I sped the lure up. Caught a number of fish just after I stopped reeling and popped the lure forward with the rod tip. I pop the lure forward on almost every cast. Many times fish are following the lure and that technique can be the difference in whether a fish following your lure strikes or not. Another small snook at 2pm. Small snook at 2:03pm and 2:07pm. Switched to the gold pearl and picked up dink snook at 2:25pm and 2:30pm.
Bite was dying in there so decided to take a trip further up river. Water was clearer and switched to the silver smoke. Another small snook at 2:53pm. Picked up a 16" rat red at 3:05pm. Another small snook at 3:07pm. Caught a dink snook next cast. Not happening in here like last time so back down river to another bay. Still working the silver smoke and caught another small snook at 3:51pm. Fish were active in here with mullet jumping. Caught small jacks at 3:58pm, 4:02pm, 4:04pm and 4:06pm. Working a shallow bank and my lure got punished at 4:10pm. Set the hook and felt weight. It was a decent red that fought well. She came in at a respectable 25".

Another small jack at 4:18pm and a small snook at 4:24pm. Worked the other side of this bay for a while, probably too long, and got no more strikes. Did set the hook on something near the boat, but my braid popped..
With about an hour left, I decided to head back up near the ramp to work some docks. Probed them with the 4" mullet in silver smoke on a 1/4 oz Bass Assassin jighead. No water movement at all. Worked a few and no luck. Skipped up under one at 5:41pm and got nailed. Turned out to be a decent snook just shy of 26". That was the only strike on the 12 or so docks I worked. By then it was dark so I motored to the ramp. It was a pretty solid day.
Final Body Count
Snook - 19 (27", 25.9", 20", 10 smalls and 6 dinks)
Reds - 4 (25", 24.5" and 2 rats)
Jacks - 5 small ones
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