2/8 FPI

Left the inlet at 7:45am on Friday morning. Water temp was 64, with a nice, tight east swell. The good news was making live bait was easy. They were thick right outside the inlet. Perfect 3-4 inch thread fins. Head straight out to 170 feet. Lots of big weed lines on the way out, but the water was cold and off color. It cleared up at about 150 ft with temp at 73. Took a while to get out there with the swell. 15 minutes in we get first 12 pound Mahi. 2 hours later, boxing between 170 and 180 we are done for a total of 3 all same size. North in 75 feet is 50 or so Commercials going for the Kings. They must of got all them as we struck out in that general area. Winds now picking up so made the run back in.


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