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Friday Feb 8th. St Augustine bottom fishing

Headed out a little late, cleared inlet at 815.  Ran 25 miles, drifted a few spots, nothing happening.  Water temp at 95 feet was 59.  Made a good choice to run to 120 feet.  Found water at 69 degrees.  Jigging for cobia, saw one huge one, wouldn't eat, wish I was more prepared for him.  Then we jigged up a massive African pompano, it may be a record, have to weight it this morning.  Then the cudas took over, had to be thousands of them.  Decided to run out to 135 feet and 74 degrees, I had no numbers out there, but searched around, found bait, found life and some now have some good new numbers.  Limited out a 2 man share of vermillion, most 14 inches, nice ones.  After the tide slowed and shifted jigged up a nice trigger and it was on fire.  Got 8 nice triggers, could have had 20...  So much fun on a jig.  Tons of bonita and bluefish schools out there and saw sailfish breaking the surface.  Great day, ran 40mph in, broke the inlet at 730pm.  Fun ride in.  Fishing was good just before the front.  And look who kept me safe all day....


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