Saturday Morning Topwater Snookin on the Myakka...

Went out at dawn this morning to do some sunrise topwater fishing.  Beautiful morning, before the sun was up, and the breeze was very light.  I should have taken some water pics, but oh well, next time.  I worked out from the marina and first hit a mangrove shore, with points and coves that drop off sharply to water about 4' deep.  Was seeing an occasional roll of a small tarpon in the area too.  Up ahead was a culvert that dumps lots of water when it rains, but today it was just a slow current coming out... every couple minutes small snook were busting bait at the mouth of the culvert.  I worked the area using both topwater and twitch baits, and had one hit, but nothing more.  The wind was starting to push the boat around, and the tide was falling, so I turned around and followed the wind and water out the entrance channel.  Some areas are shallow, and some areas drop off to deep water in the channel.  Super snookie looking water, but nothing was interested.  I continued to work down the channel, hitting points, bars and edges, and came up to one of my favorite stops... its a small cove off a mangrove deepwater point that has a sandbar separating a deep trough along the mangroves.  I've taken snook there before, and as I came up, I saw a blowup right on the shore... flipping the spook over, it hit the water... I twitched it, and it got crushed!  A little bit later, I slipped the net under her... snook #8 for 2019, and the first one in slot, measuring 27 1/2".  I carefully unhooked her, and then slipped her back into the water.  Will have to catch it again one of these days... I did get one other a bit later, but the first one was much bigger.  Going out again with the boys who are coming in town... hope to put them on a couple too.  9/2019
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