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Rocker Stoppers ... need an idea for a boom

probate-rprobate-r Posts: 418 Deckhand
I bought a bunch of Rocker Stoppers (2 sets of 4 with a 10lb anchor at the bottom of each line) last summer to use when we are anchored offshore for prolonged periods of time.  My wife can get a little queezy even on a moderate day once the boat stops moving and we anchor up in a swell.   For those of you who don't know what they are, they look lick squat orange plastic safety cones that basically create drag under water as they lift up and down with the rocking boat.  I hand a set off each side of the boat.  I found that they broke the natural wave/ rocking pattern of our hull and it seems like my wife is much happier at anchor.  However, the current usually pushes one set under the boat and the line holding the Rocker Stoppers rubs on the bottom of the hull wearing down the bottom paint.  The line has a blue tinge to it when I bring them back up.  Has anyone seen some form of boom or other device that would fit into a rod holder and that could be used to hold the rope out a foot or two from the side of the boat to keep the rope from rubbing?  Other than a custom order, I have never seen anything but figures someone, maybe a sail boat owner, will think of something that can be easily retrofitted to this use.  Thanks for any thoughts.
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