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March Condo Rental Needed

My wife and I are considering spending March in FL and would like to find an individual from whom we can rent a condo because the fees charged by Airbnb and VRBO have become excessive in my opinion.

We are both non smokers, no pets, and my wife is a spotless housekeeper.

The condo does not have to be beachfront but must be walking distance to the beach.

If you have a friend or know someone interested in a fantastic monthly tenant please feel free to contact me or have them do so.



  • austjjaustjj Posts: 152 Deckhand
    I would suggest paying the fee, owners are now selling and becoming renters in the area that I rent in Fort Myers Beach area.
  • BasstarBasstar Posts: 520 Officer
  • Cape Coral GrantCape Coral Grant Posts: 6 Deckhand
    We have a rental home in Cape Coral and rent on VRBO , what fees are you talking about?
  • BasstarBasstar Posts: 520 Officer
    We have a rental home in Cape Coral and rent on VRBO , what fees are you talking about?
    Hi Grant, in the past we've rented directly from the owner, from Airbnb, and from VRBO.  When we rent through VRBO or Airbnb, there are booking fees, service fees, taxes, etc.

    I don't mind the fees if it's necessary I rent that way but we'd like to meet an owner with whom we can develop a longer term friendship and working relationship and build a win-win situation.

    Thanks Sir for posting.
  • tim2223tim2223 Cape CoralPosts: 52 Deckhand
    You still get to talk to the owner when you book through VRBO and AIRBNB its no different. Its just when you book you pay as part of the total fee a booking fee to the company. It means that those 2 can survive and make a profit and offer us a choice of heaps of holiday homes in all locations in an easy and simple to use format. It also protects against holiday home scams when unscrupulous people offer homes that actually do not exist, so that when you arrive for your condo rental you actually have a place to stay and do not lose your money and have to stay in a hotel.
    I have now sold my holiday home but when both VRBO  and AIRBNB introduced the booking fee I embraced it as both as an owner and a renter.  
  • ScoutboatScoutboat Posts: 2,419 Captain
    We know folks who have rented at Turtle Bay on Manasota Key, Englewood.
    They loved it.
    Across the street from the Gulf.
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