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Lack of etiquette while fishing from shore.

On Wednesday being the last of the nicer days this week I visited  Cedar Keys and Shell Mount to do some hiking and to take some photos. I had  a couple of poles with me and after hiking a couple of trails at Shell Mount I made the short drive to Cedar Keys.  I notice from the road that  the first smaller pier was busy but had a couple of good size hole and enough space for me.   This is where the fun started.  While walking in the parking lot to the pier several of them saw me coming and made their moves.  Each grab a extra pole and ran to the vacant places setting their poles down in  the bare spots.   I mean it, they almost ran to keep me from joining them.   I was ready to turn around because it was no big deal if I went fishing or not.  A gentleman, from Canada I found out later, moved over and offer me a spot,  I don't know why they acted like that.  First the fish were not biting, in a hour there were 3 fish and a eel caught and I caught 2 of the fish.  I called it a day fishing and went to take some photos.  On the way out I checked out the plates in the parking lot, Two third of them were from Conn. and New York.  Tourist are funny people to watch on a fishing pier.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Image may contain sky cloud ocean twilight outdoor water and nature


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