andyfboydandyfboyd Posts: 20 Greenhorn
I’d like to get out and try to target Tripletail, near Boca Grande pass.  I’ve never targeted them before.

Aside from “look for buoys”, any tips on how to target them?  For example, ideal water temp, is wind/water clarity a factor, live shrimp vs DOA artificial, etc...?


  • bullbaybullbay Posts: 168 Deckhand
    not until March... look for poles/ debris, buoys.. live shrimp...April is best..just my $.02 :)
  • dodger31dodger31 Ft MyersPosts: 228 Deckhand
    Takes a lot of searching but when you find that "magic" depth run parallel to shore and you should find more.  I've always used a live shrimp or pilchard.  Caught one keeper on a Vudu shrimp.  Tougher than crud to filet but awesome eats!  Keep the sharpener handy! 
  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 602 Officer
    You don't need to know much else other than "look for buoys"... They're just about the dumbest fish there is.
  • RiverScoutRiverScout MidwestPosts: 9 Greenhorn
    buoys but you have to keep your distance. You can't just roll up on top of them.  We caught them (with guide) into late May.  We would fly by them by boat since they're used to boats flying by and then if spotted, turn around and about 100 feet out troll up on them...then about 50 feet out I'd cast (fly rod). the further you can throw the better.  They are dumb but spooky.   They're fun on a fly rod and they are delicious.
  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,203 Captain
    We were out in that crazy fog yesterday ( at least up here in tampa) and just happened across floating objects and some crab pot lines.  Saw more trips yesterday NOT TRYING than I have trying.  Got one really nice one in the box but missed out on probably 5 or 6.  Going to go back when I can actually see...Dang it was foggy yesterday.
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