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FWC Slam Success

15 Jan 2019...Wabasso/Vero... Some clear water in the area.  Grass pretty much gone again. Just a little on the breezy and cold side today.  Started at the Pine Island Cut.  Bait chaser on the Mangrove edge, good cast, nothing.  Light tap, barely legal Trout.  Work the South end, Snapper Hole has been barren for a while.  Today they were back along with Snooklets.  No legal fish in the mess.  Next stop North Sister.  Get lined up with the wind for a drift.  First cast, a 21 “ Red.  Now the real fun starts, time to find a Flounder or Black Drum for the FWC Slam.  Hook and lose another Red.  Spoil islands, a few small Snapper.  Docks, a waste of effort.  Grand Harbor South Flat, nothing.  Back behind the Golf Cart Bridge, a 13 “ Sheepshead.  Busy time, Jacks, Short Snook and Ladies.  Working the channel back out, 3 legal Snapper.  Off to the Estuary/Johns Island, Jacks, mediocre Snook and short Snapper.  Worked the Mangroves, finally a legal Little Ugly, Slam in the books.  Did not see any big Snook today.  Had 15 short Snook and 3 legal Snapper for the day.  Baby Vudu Shrimp worked overtime today.  All players released for another day.  


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