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Amateur Hour

22 Jan 2019...Wabasso/Vero... Amateur hour.  Some clear water in the area.  Just a little on the breezy side today.  Started at the Pine Island Cut, nothing.  Next stop secret hole (not for me), clean water, a couple of weed patches and no action.  Hobart flat, slow, a barely legal Trout and a Blue.  Nothing around the island.  Don’t be afraid to throw topwater plugs on the flats.  In three feet or less, fish will come up.  On low tide, so couple of quick stops, North Sister and spoil island points, nothing.  Long run to Grand Harbor, water just a little rough.  Past the Golf Cart Bridge.  Short Snook, Snapper and ¼ pound Jacks.  On the way out a pair of barely legal Snapper, way too many short Snapper  to count today.  Estuary/Vero a couple of slot Trout.  Worked the boat about four feet off of the Mangroves, pitched the Baby Vudu back into the pockets.  Spotted a big Red, good pitch, bounced off a Mangrove root and landed just out of position. Red turned and swam off.  Further down the edge, spotted a big Sheepshead, cast was off by a foot.  Swam off in the opposite direction.  Later, hooked a big Sheepshead, too much pressure, pulled the hook.  4 slot Trout and 8 short Snook for the day.  Baby Vudu Shrimp worked overtime today.  All players released for another day.  


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