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Live well pluming?

spearjunkyspearjunky Posts: 184 Deckhand
Any good info I can read about rigging a livewell I have a fresh livewell no holes 30gal does and don'ts


  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,481 Captain
    I added a bronze thru-hull scoop under the hull, a SS shutoff valve, and the 1100gph pump for my well.    I had to drill thru 2 bulkhueads to run the inlet/outlet  1 1/8" & 1 1/2" hoses.  I used SS outlet thru-hull fitting for the overflow, as it drains under the waterline.   I also always carry a "oh-crap" tapered wooden plug that would fit inside any of my thru-hull fittings.  

    My fiberglass well is a leaning post style, which replaced a flip/flop cooler seat.   
    I add the inlet to the well on the bottom, and screwed a small s.s. vent-cover over that to add "direction" so the water goes in a circle.  
    I like the water coming in the bottom of the tank as it helps to blow the scales/slime/debris/waste up and out the overflow.  BUT, if your pump airlocks or shutsoff, then the water drains out back out of the inlet.  That has happened to me when putting the motor in reverse, and i lost some bait..  

    Good luck.  What type of boat and livewell are you plumbing?
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