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Quick LMR Report

Bassin AssassinBassin Assassin Posts: 1,317 Officer
Launched just after noon yesterday. Water temp was 60-65 during the day depending on location. Went to my winter spots and was catching fish, but only small snook. Lure of choice was a 3" RT Mullet in electric chicken, shadflash shad and smoke mullet. After about 15 small snook and 1 rat red, I stopped keeping track. Worked 3 shallow bays during the day with lots of action, but no size. Ended up catching close to 30 snook ranging from 6" to 20". Had by-catches of 2 jacks and one lady fish.
Was probing a shallow water bay and in about 2 feet of water when my lure got hammered. Set the hook on a solid fish. It took off towards deeper water and was peeling some drag. Violent head shakes and a glint of copper let me know she was a red. After a terrific fight, I slipped the net under her. She came in at a respectable 26.5". It was a pretty good day.

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