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Huge full moon CATCH

harbisonharbison Posts: 5,009 Admiral
Huge full moon CATCH
The January full moon is 1/21/19 @ 12:17 A.M. Snapper have a tendency to go a little 'crazy' during this time of the month. The Mangrove and Yellowtail Snapper should be on fire:

Friday, January 18, 2019, Ten A.M., Tammy and guests are ready for a 44 hour marathon adventure deep into the very heart of our Gulf of Mexico:

The Florida Fisherman ll will be fishing the famous Florida Middle Grounds and vicinity just before the full of the moon. To many this is the best of times. Let's go see:
This is looking good. Box number one is stuffed full, and the snapper are still on fire:

And now the rest of the story.
Will McClure has been the first mate on the Florida for over ten years; he is one of the best. Will goes for the GOLD in what has become known as, 'The Great Line Toss'. Hit or miss? Only one way to find out... Watch 2:06 minutes into the video at the end of this report.

Will makes sure we are ready for the fights sure to come:

After a great Tammy meal and a good day's rest, let the fights begin:

Mr. John Martin, fishing coach on the Florida Fisherman ll, has been fishing Florida waters for decades. He is very knowledgeable and eager to share his vast experience. John can make a good fisherman an excellent fisherman. John leads by example:

We listen:

Think Kings are not still around? Think again:


  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,009 Admiral

    On last week's 39 hour trip Will caught a beautiful Mutton Snapper on a new DAIWA SK slow pitch jig:

    Looks like this new jig is also good for Grouper:

  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,009 Admiral
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    Did you know that African Pompano is a member of the Jack family, and is also called a Cuban Jack? This species of Pompano can be found in virtually all tropical waters including the Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, West Africa, and our own Gulf of Mexico. The All-Tackle record, 50 pounds, 8 ounces, was caught 4/21/1990 by Tom Sargent, Daytona Beach, Florida.
    Once again the Florida's fishing coach shows us how:

    It's getting very rough, but the fights continue. 

    Is just before the full moon the best of times? Well!
    We are always glad to welcome the hard working, dedicated, FWC biologists. This is REAL data:

    And now for our mystery fish. This is a tough one:

    Catch the action in this short action-packed video. Be sure to watch Will go for the GOLD:
    A very special thanks to Mr. John Martin and Captain Dylan Hubbard for making this report possible.
  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Sarasota/VenicePosts: 875 Officer
    Yellow bars on the mystery fish look kind of like a schoolmaster, but that's much bigger than any of those I've ever seen... any idea what it is?
    Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.
  • clarosaclarosa Posts: 808 Officer
    Red Snapper/Yellowtail hybrid...not kidding.
  • Reel KaosReel Kaos Posts: 7 Deckhand
    I actually donated the fish to face. They called yesterday and confirmed fish was red snapper/ yellowtail. 

    What at an amazing trip. For lol those those considering a trip like this it was incredible. Staff was second to none. Truly first class operation.
  • Kokosing LoverKokosing Lover Posts: 1,011 Officer
    Reel Kaos said:
    Fwc. Lol
    I was wondering who the face was.  There's a bunch of different snapper hybrids that happen out there, it's pretty cool that it can happen.
  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Sarasota/VenicePosts: 875 Officer
    That's absolutely crazy! What a cool catch. 
    Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,009 Admiral
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    Here is a little more on the hybrid that Captain Bryon is holding...

     Hybrids (fish or any other kind) aren’t given a unique name. Instead, they are designated according to the parent species. In this case, if it is a hybrid between red and yellowtail, we would classify it:

    Lutjanus campechanus x Ocyurus chrysurus


    Hope that helps,




    Liz Wallace, Ph.D.

    Associate Research Scientist

    Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

    Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

    100 Eighth Ave. SE

    Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

    [email protected]

    ph: 727-896-8626

    Personally, I have been fishing with Hubbard's ever since the middle seventies. This is why... "What at an amazing trip. For lol those those considering a trip like this it was incredible. Staff was second to none. Truly first class operation"

    The 44 hour full moon trips are the best of the best. 

    They started out very good in 2018:

    Looks like 2019 is going to be even better:

    Here is a list of the 44 hour full moon Florida Fisherman ll trips for the remainder of 2019:

    2/15,  4/19,  5/17,  6/14,  7/12,  8/16, 10/11, 11/8. 

    "Staff was second to none."   

    ABSOLUTELY!  Just one 'little exception'. Will, first first mate on the Florida Fisherman ll for over 10 years, completely missed the, 'great line toss'!

    "That's absolutely crazy! What a cool catch."   

    These extended 44 & 39 hour overnight trips are in a class by themselves... Serious fishing for serious fishermen/women. 'Cool catches' have become the norm year after year:

    Only in Florida... 

  • MulletoverMulletover Posts: 19 Deckhand
    Why don’t they call it a Rellowtail?
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,009 Admiral
    Sounds good to me! 
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