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Help with Pompano

First time poster on this forum.  Have a trip to New Port Richey next year to see family for a week or so.  Can schedule the trip anywhere from December to April...maybe may.  I've accidentally got into pompano down by Anna maria Islands in years past during march and april but had no idea what I was doing.

When is the best and second best month to catch pompano for the times I can be there?

Thanks a bunch!


  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 331 Deckhand
    April for sure. March might be too cold. They are up and down the beach. Look for days with nice east wind. Bounce a jig or drag a shrimp tipped jig slowly anywhere there is clear water and a little bit of current(hint : beach near an inlet)
  • backwatercolebackwatercole Posts: 136 Deckhand
    Hard to beat a doc's goofy jig tipped with shrimp at the outflow of the Anclote power plant.  Have loaded up in there during cold months.  It's just south of New Port Richey.  Easy to get to by boat or you can also sit on the fishing pier and try your luck.  Second what Aquaholic said for sure as well.  
  • GratefulEdGratefulEd Posts: 316 Deckhand
    I’m just south of you and do pretty good during the month of April. A much better push of fish occurs in mid November and lasting till just before Christmas. 
    Seems clear that the fish are pushing through my spot during those times, but I’ve no clue where they’re coming from or heading to. 
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