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Whistler area 1/6 55'

We weren't really planning on going out but the weather looked decent and Josh Linker assured us the wind would lay down.  Never trust that guy.

First cast on bait at the bay pier and we had a well full.  No bait whatsoever on any of the channel markers.

Seas were pretty churned up but we decided to go for it anyway.  We went straight to a ledge near whistler, and hooked up immediately with a barely short red grouper.  That's the first red grouper we've caught in a while.  Caught a variety of the usual, mostly grunts with snapper and small grouper mixed in.  Caught 2 decent mangos - one around 18".  Hooked something big twice while reeling up something small but couldn't turn either.  Baited up the shark rig with a big grunt and something stripped a bunch of line off, then got off.  All in all a decent day.  We were hooked up all day and didn't move.  Well, except for that time where my wife got hooked up on the trolling motor.  Those things can fight!  Catch and release on that one.

Ride back was pretty good even with the churned up seas. 


  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,231 Captain
    My wife calls him lyin' linker....And it was CRAZY rough on Saturday so you were pretty ballsie going out...surprised it was doable at all after seeing the seas on Saturday.

    Don't blame the wife.  I have seen her fight a fish.  112 lbs of torgue has nothing on her....

    Good job.  I THINK I got my fuel thing resolved.  Pulled the pickup tube and there was definitely some varnish clogging the screen.  Replaced the tube so hopefully that is it....going to do a longer test run in the bay this afternoon.
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  • harbisonharbison Posts: 4,041 Captain
    Will never forget many years ago seeing a seal on the Whistler Buoy. It spent the Summer there.
    Must have come off a big ship.  
    It was BIG news in the Tampa Tribune for months. 

    Anyone else remember the Whistler Buoy seal?
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