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Whole house generator.



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    I've ran my house sans AC and stove with a 5500/6800 Porter Cable after every hurricane since 94. Total time well over 5 weeks. I have it wired into the panel with a dryer plug right next to the panel into a 50amp breaker. The cord from the generator to the panel is a #6/4 and has served us quite well. I run the fridge in the day and freezer at night. I disconnect the top element of the water heater and when its shower time turn everything else off for a hour, we all take quick showers and then turn the heater off and everything else on.
    For during the storm we keep a 1000 watt inverter and after the power goes off kill all the breakers in the panel. then plug the inverter into the outlet in the living room or whatever room we will be in. We haven't managed to run the both 800 amp batteries dry with this method yet. Then fire the generator up when weather permits.
    For fuel in mid July I fill up a 55 gallon drum of rec 90 and put a bottle of Stabil in it. I store it in my garage ratchet strapped to a exterior wall and vent it with a 1/4 inch hose through a small hole in the wall. I will also get 6 quartes of Moble 1 syntic oil so I can change the oil every 48 hours and a couple of spark plugs. If there's no storm I will  fill my truck up with it a couple of times in mid October with the fuel. 
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