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11 Jan 2019...Wabasso/Vero... Some clear water in the area.  Another year when things are a little on the strange side.  Had a special guest fly in.  Saw another big Tarpon Cruising the Mangroves, this is about 4 months early.  Wanted to head into the mud bay, heard a couple of incoming and decided to stay out.  Settled on the Hobart Flat.  The island produced a few short Ladies and Snapper.  Open flat picked up a slot Trout on a Rapala BX Walking Minnow.  Headed South to the Sisters and spoil islands.  Short Snapper and low slot Trout.  Make the run to Grand Harbor.  Will be tight coming back out.  Only players past the bridge were short Snook, Snapper and Jacks.  Had 2 inches to spare when I came out.  Fished the canal, A few legal Snapper and a confused Sheepshead.  Next stop, the Estuary.  Saw another Tarpon cruising back in the Mangroves and had a Shark cruise by.  Three slot Trout on the way back to Johns Island/Vero.  Seeing big Sheepshead in the Mangroves, but no takers.  On the way home stopped at the Hobart Flat, picked up a pair of slot Trout.  Did not see any big Snook today.  Had 10 slot Trout for the day.  Rapala Skitter Walk and Baby Vudu Shrimp worked overtime today.  All players released for another day.  


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