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Hubbard's 39 hour 1/4/19 trip

Hubbard's 39 hour 1/4/19 trip
The new DAIWA SK SLOW PITCH JIG just hit the market and it's absolutely fantastic. Will, first mate on the Florida Fisherman ll for over a decade, is all excited, and for good reason. Will tells exactly how to use this new jig 12 seconds into the video at that end of this report. 

Captain Dylan Hubbard is always there to see us off:

We know that January weather is going to be rough.
So what! Our huge catamaran can take it. Let's go catch some fish:

The Great Line Toss is PERFECT!

Can't help but love those BIG Mangrove Snapper:

Last year when had one of the best Gag Grouper seasons in many years. This year is looking even better. And remember, we have a seven month season on Gags.

Dan's really proud of this one:

Nice Trigger:


  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    Saturday:  No closed season on Mangrove Snapper, and we can keep 20:

    Ever wonder why we like Tammy so much?     We like to eat!

    To talk about great eating is to talk about Red Grouper:

    Fishing Coach, Mr. John Martin, leads by example:

    The 'near extinct' American Red Snapper are everywhere:

    What the heck kind of fish is that?

  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    To say the Gag Grouper fishing is really HOT would be an understatement:

    They are getting bigger:

    It was a nice catch:
    If we could have kept Red Snapper & Gag Grouper the Florida's four huge fish boxes would have been stuffed.
    Captain Garett reported seas as high as 10 foot. The Florida, a 72' Catamaran, handled it extremely well. The Captain's number one problem was trying to keep away from Red Snapper & Gag Grouper. In all over 200 Red snapper, and 100 Gag Grouper were caught, properly vented, and released to fight again. Come June we really have something to look forward to.
    Check out the on the water video shot by Mr. John Martin:
    Thanks to Mr. John Martin, and Captain Dylan Hubbard for providing the excellent pictures & video of the 1/4/19 trip.
    Went hunting in December to celebrate '70 years of hunting in Florida'. Had a fantastic trip:
       (full report in hunting section)

    Will be visiting Perry, Florida's Two Guys And A Hog again come Monday morning. Be on the lookout for my in the field pictures and action packed video in the hunting section. 
    Bob Harbison
  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Sarasota/VenicePosts: 875 Officer
    Awesome report Bob! What time of year would you most recommend for gags on a Hubbard's trip? We've done four 39-hr trips so far, with snapper and AJs being the main target, so I'd like to book one with a better chance at some grouper for this year. What season generally has the best red/gag bite out there?
    Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    edited January 2019 #5
    Our Gag Grouper is open from June 1 to December 31. Best time is October, November, December.

    The colder the better. However, the November, December weather can be terrible. 
    If I was targeting Gags, I would book in October. 
    If I could go any time of the year I would pick June. We tore the American Red Snapper apart last year in June & July. We averaged over 170 a trip. Gag fishing was good also:

    Check out my latest hunting report, 'Golden years hunting in Florida' in the hunting section:

  • bryguybryguy Posts: 31 Greenhorn
    Nice Hog Bob.  
  • bryguybryguy Posts: 31 Greenhorn
    While I have only fished on Hubbards once, I have fished on the Gulfstar numerous times and honestly when I was down in June of last year for the red snapper season the fishing was pretty amazing.  I managed to catch a limit of everything I was after.  Gags, a couple of HUGE red grouper, more of the rare and endangered red snapper then you could shake a stick at, and some nice mangroves.  From what I have gathered in my rather limited experience is this:  Like Bob said, Fall/early winter is the best for grouper.  For big mangos, the full moons in july and even into august are good, and red snapper are everywhere and easy to catch.  My trips this year will be June, July and sometime in october.  My better half and step daughter want to go, so we will probably do a hubbards trip sometime as well.  Hubbards is a more conducive boat to novices and less hard core anglers.  The size alone of the hubbards big cat is a plus and is just a more comfortable boat to fish.   
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    edited January 2019 #8
    Thanks!  Love to both hunt & fish. Have been doing both in Florida ever since 1948.
    I have nothing but respect for both the Gulfstar and Florida Fisherman ll. Both are class acts. 
    My Florida Middle Grounds career began on the FF II  in the mid seventies. I love the fourth generation family owned/operated tradition. The Florida Fisherman II is a 72' long catamaran. It takes very rough water well. 
    I snapped this picture while we were both fishing the Grounds. 
    Take a look at the picture in the left hand top corner. I took that picture on the Florida while deep drop fishing well over 100 miles off Madeira Beach. She took it extremely well.  Not too sure I would have been all that happy on a smaller boat:

    It can really get rough out there very fast.
     When the weather turns really...

    having a BIG Cat under you is really appreciated. 
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