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1-8-19 offshore

Picked up a group of 5 from Punta Rassa looking to bend the rods, and for some meat for a meal or 2. Took off at 7AM heading west around the lighthouse. 
First stop was in about 110 ft where we dropped down cut squid. We picked up a few vermilion snappers before one rod doubles over, and just that quick he is rocked up and broken off. Second rod goes off and history repeats itself. Redo the drift and it was dejavu. Rods doubled over and couldn't turn the handle. Definitely some big bruisers down there!  
Made another pass and right towards the end, another rod doubles over... this time we would have revenge! Our first red grouper for the box. 

We picked up a few more vermilion, but grouper bite shut down so we pushed on out. 
Set up shop and the bite was a little faster paced with some decent vermilion coming up. Landed a few short red grouper to 19.99 inches... 
worked north a bit and dropped down... It was game on!  Guys got the hang of the lift up reel down technique and put a hurting on the grouper... also Picked up a nice fat mangrove...

Got ready to drop the hook on the spot as it looked like christmas when the group said they were good on fish and decided to head in so they could enjoy some fresh fish for dinner as they were headed home the following day. 

Guys were a lot of fun to fish with,  with lots of joking and kidding all day. Weather could not have been any more perfect. Smooth seas all day. Had a blast and look forward to seeing these guys again in the near future.

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