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Hunting, but not killing

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Had an 2-day wma archery hunt this past weekend. 
I missed the am hunt, went to set up for the pm hunt and ran into a fella, we chatted and found he was setup where I was going 
no biggie went to a backup. 
Had a doe facing me  at 30 yards around 5:30 
wind swirled, she blew and that was it 

Saw nothing the next am

grabbed my phone, looked for an area with promise and went in at 3 with my climber. 

Within :30 min I could hear the deer moving in the swamp. I could see occasional movement but couldn't get a clear shot. 
Had a couple does a bit later at 47 but too much brush and trees and branches. The wind again was constantly changing directions and running the deer off. They eventually moved off when they got a bit of my scent. 
Then a shooter buck grazed by at 80 in the wide open 
I grunted. No response. Again. No response. A third time ...you get the idea. He just grazed on

A bit later another doe came out of the swamp at 43 and hit some neck high brush.  Could not get a clean shot at all.  Then I heard grunting. Nonstop. Every 2 sec. about 75 yards away. Louder, closer, hes coming my way !
out of the swamp he steps, a solid 7” spike lol
ive  never heard a buck grunt that much. She walked directly behind me downwind, smelled my stink and they both bolted. 

This spot is looking so good about now. Action packed. I already tagged a buck in Gadsden, one more deer will be my season!

and then the coyotes showed up. 
Fn coyotes. 
The last hour and a quarter of legal shooting I saw crap. 

Oh well, next year! 

I have have to say though, this weekend hunt was very enjoyable. I haven’t had and seen such movement on this tract ever. I sure hope I’m finally figuring this tract out. Already looking forward to next year 

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