Jetties Gear

New to Jetties fishing.  I use pretty light gear in the creeks with a light 7-foot rod usually.  Is this same gear appropriate for the Jetties or do I need something a little heavier?  I figure I will start out pitching jig heads into the rocks.  Any specific recommendations are appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 



  • ChonggChongg Posts: 719 Officer
    I use my same setups - 2500 reels and medium/medium heavy rods - that I use in the creeks to pitch jigs at the rocks. It's a little on the light size but I never lose fish.  When you start fishing for bull reds on the channel ledge or for tarpon, you'll need to step up in size. 
  • GitoaGitoa Posts: 63 Greenhorn
    Thanks.  I just figured out from another post your the newspaper dude.  I enjoy your work.  I hope the TU will realize how many people still read these articles.

    Back in the day they even had a boating columnist.  I read his stuff religiously as well.  He was more into sailboats if I recall but I still looked at his stuff every week.

    I won't look at too many Jags articles but I try to catch all the outdoors stuff.
  • ChonggChongg Posts: 719 Officer
    These are much different, and frankly darker, days for the paper. But I think we still do some cool stuff.
    Appreciate you sticking with us. 
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