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Sunday Rollcall

Who is heading out? If the forecast holds should be nice. My kids want to troll so we will have a late start and get to ramp around 9ish. 


  • MarlinmanMarlinman Posts: 143 Deckhand
    Wanted to real bad, but having just returned from my Montana hunting trip, the wife and I had to get stuff done around the house. Hope y'all tore them up.
  • Mako224Mako224 Posts: 498 Deckhand
    edited January 2019 #3
    It was close to forecast. Launched at 930. Lines in at 11. With kids it was the best I could do. We made it out to 225ft and found 78.5 temp. Worked around some structure and went 4/5 on dolphin. All 24-30". Not big but tasty for January. B/w and pink/white har the action. All around the dredge. Only one on outrigger

    0/1 on Sails. Lines out at 3pm/ 

  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,262 Officer
    Nice, Im looking tomorrow.
  • Frosty1Frosty1 Posts: 140 Deckhand

    Good Job, Ocean was a little sporty early but laid down latter in the day. We wanted to run new engines on my boat so we stayed close, trolling for some kingfish. Glad I did as two of my three batteries died and shut down my control panel for the engines. Boat US out of the port towed me in. Excellent Service Boat US out of the Port, still enjoyed the day.

    Boating, what you going to do

  • HooknCooksHooknCooks OrlandoPosts: 83 Greenhorn
    They'll make a couple sammiches.
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