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01-04-19 offshore

Headed out from Punta Rassa at 7AM in search of some rod benders. Set the hook out in 90 feet over a nice piece of structure and it was game on. A couple big hits, bent over rods, and breakoffs let us know they were there and ready to play. vermilion and lanes came up along with a couple mangroves. A couple more huge hits and breakoffs. Steve and Kent both got their shot at a good red grouper and boated them.  Next was Jill who caught our biggest red grouper of the day at 31". 

We moved off to another big piece of structure looking for some variety. The windy and sandy bottom around the area made it a tough anchor.  We caught on the backside and man did we have some big thumps and hookups. It was tough as we probably had 15-20 hookups of big fish off the bottom, and only got 1 of them, which turned out to be a really big ray (surprising in 100 ft of water). the others had some giant shoulders...

Moved around a bit more and picked away at some lanes and vermilion.  Made the run back in and were met by the rain from the front right as we came around the lighthouse. 

Fun day to be on the water in SWFL.

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