12/29 and 12/30 offshore

Decided to head out deep on 12/29 in search of some biggins offshore. Ran out to 140 and had some amazing shows at just about every spot, but the bite just was'nt on fire. Had a few big wacks that got off, a few stud american red snapper that were released.  Bite picked up later in the day... must have caught and released 100 short red grouper. Moved around a boxed some vermilion and lanes. 

12/30, decided to stay a bit shallower and fished the 90-115 zone. It paid off. bite was slow to start as well, with a couple keeper grouper making the box before we anchored up on a spot. It was absolutely game on.  Big Mangroves, Lanes, Vermilion and Yellowtail came over the gunnels just about as fast as you could get your baits down. Caught and released a gag to 23.5 inches (just shy) and a few stud american red snappers as well. Our big mango went just over 8lbs... what a stud!

Took a couple days off to bring in 2019... looking forward to getting back out and at it Friday!

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