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Boat maintenance

Been working some on my boat.  Got some new switches ordered. New prop put on .Replaced the old horn.New rod holders stainless.Replacing both bilge pumps. Ordered one of the Ez Anchor pullers with the free fall option.  Anchor pulpit gizmo thingy.  Replacing buzzer on high bilge alarm.   New battery switch.  Trying to get boat in better tip top shape for maybe going fishing again.


  • Spanky DunlapSpanky Dunlap Posts: 701 Officer
    I've been working on mine too. Did the 100 hour service on my Yamaha. Then dove into the dreaded trailer brakes. They were in bad shape, corroded and barely working. All good now and back in the boat shed until Spring.  

  • billybobbillybob Posts: 926 Officer
    I have used Sturdy built trailer parts to get my trailer parts.   I have been pleased with everything I got from the except for new galvanized wheels.  Wheels were not true and round.  
  • illinoisfishermanillinoisfisherman Posts: 5,347 Admiral
    Nee to be getting a new to us bay boat ready. 19' we bought 1&1/2 years ago. It got as far as a place in the driveway. Hasn't moved since. Makes me sick. Haven't seen our other boats in 5 + years
  • skyway andeskyway ande Posts: 3,813 Captain
    Mine has become a carport ornament as well.
    Past time to get it out.
    God, save the South!
  • BayBobBayBob Posts: 865 Officer
    I started having trouble with the Yamaha trim/tilt switch and was ready to order a new on and found the wire harness connections to bad. replaced and all is well. I too will replace the float switch and bait well/wash down pump 
  • JTRJTR Posts: 1,184 Officer
    It's the off / slow season right now. Time to catch up on maintenance and prepping for next season.

    Pulled the transducers out and while under the boat just happened to look over at the brake lines. Thought, that looks strange. Why is there a 2" gap between the main brake line and the T fitting?

    Brake line came loose and never knew it. Guess the brakes on the old D-Max are better than I thought.

    Fixed the brake line and should be able to install the new transducers this weekend and add another transducer after moving a couple of things around in the bilge.

    Then it's on to prepping some new fishing gear.

    Just need more time to get it all done.
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