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Offshore port canaveral jan 2.

left Bluepoints at 7:30 am. Calm seas and daughter drove the boat to the offshore fishing grounds. Had 5 kids on the boat and 2 adults. Put lines out in 70 ft, found a nice weed line. Nothing home, trolled to Brevard reef site east of Port Canaveral. 6 lines all went off and so did the fish. Ballyhoo were chewed and not chopped clean cut like wahoo or kingfish. Saw a sailfish tailwalk about 7 times, kids loved it. Saw lots of sea turtles and manta rays. Boat ran great, heard reports of dolphin on 8a along with kings. Water was 72 at 70 ft and 76 at 115 ft. One boat last week got a 97.5 pound wahoo between 8a and wx buoy. Get out and enjoy when you get a wx window.


  • Just_ChillinJust_Chillin Port CanaveralPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the report. I went out of Bluepoints at the same time Wednesday. Nice weather window. 8A had a lot of activity and King hookups apparent all around. Limited on Kings in an hour with a bonus medium Mahi thrown in the mix.  After playing catch and release with Kings for a little while longer we switched to the bottom with cut cigar minnows to play with the Snapper and Black Sea Bass, etc while hoping for a keeper. Lost count on the throwbacks and got bored. Managed to get 2 barely legal Cobia to the boat during that time that wouldn't eat sardines or a bucktail. Good times. 
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