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Getting water in hatches coastal bay

I recently purchased a 2016 2310 coastal bay, and I've been noticing some water in the front and back hatches, presumably from washing down the boat at the end of the day and after netting bait. I was wondering if this was normal and if there was any way to waterproof the hatches? I have already had to replace some wires to the battery as well as a bunch of tackle I left in the front hatch and I really do not want to make a habit of it. 


  • dholleydholley Posts: 91 Greenhorn
    I'm assuming your decks are plumbed to drain overboard like my 1890. The only time I get water in the hatches is when the intake screen on the gutter drains gets clogged with grass/shells after throwing the cast net. I've removed some of the screens which helps, but occasionally shells get hung up in there and I have to flush them out with the hose at the house.
  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 608 Officer
    It's actually different on the coastal bays, my 1820 had the layout you speak of, but since the coastal bays have true self bailing decks, all of the hatches drain via channels on the side that either lead to the deck of the boat or, in the case of the back hatches, to the engine well area.
  • TmyersTmyers Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Have you tried calling Larry at Action and seeing if they have another type of weather striping around the hatch.  I have a ACe 24  2017. and Dave and Larry have been great to work with.  Did you purchase new or used?  Besides the hatch issue, any other issues?
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