Great Winter fishing so far 1-2-19

After a long summer of being on the water guiding This cooler and sometimes down right cold weather is very welcome. Dont get me wrong summer is my favorite time of year especially for the chances of catching trophy fish but i dont care who you are after all those days on the water in summer eventually by sept. I was fried and over the heat and happy its cooled down. guess what, theres also some fish out there that feel the same way and they have been happy happy happy and Hungry! the trout have been really good like they should be this time of year and are able to be found on any given day along with the Sheepshead. Those are my go to for people looking to eat fish and Pompano but those guys have been eluding me pretty good and everyone else I talk to for that matter. Ive been jigging up one here and there once in a while but not enough to target them so i stick to the for mentioned species to get eatin. For my sport fisherman the Red fish and Snook fishing on the right tides have been Epic! 100 fish days with some really good fish in the mix of small to mediocre ones. Ive been having trips of sitting in one or two spots the whole time Tearing em Up cast after cast. what have i been using for the snook n reds is Shrimp and artificial lures. Only two trips this Dec. did i catch bait. The lures are DOA Shrimp DOA paddle tails. Copper crush is my favorite color along with Gold. I dont think color matters much because once you find them they are so stacked up theyre not too picky. Heres a couple reds of a lifetime for down herre that a couple of my anglers got on separate trips this winter 25 lb. reds are hard to come across around these parts too bad i cant put in a picture with this system for some reason.
Thats about it im looking forward to a great winter of fishing and acquiring new great customers For 2019 and sharing this beautiful wilderness with them. Thanks, Happy New Year Everyone! Tear Em Up!
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  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 1,121 Officer
    The sheer numbers have been incredible for this rookie LOL.
    Hope all those small reds and snook get a chance to get big!!! 

    Jason :USA
  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,135 Officer
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    Thanks for the report. Good news. I have been doing OK also.
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  • Joe SnookJoe Snook Posts: 463 Deckhand
    This Picture thing is sucking today, wont download right.
    Ya man its been so fun this year Everyones catching fish having a blast out there. hopefully the reds dont grow to 18 until after all these ppl that would kill them are gone we are in for some world class redfishing theyre all over from charlotte harbor to passed Lostmans its exciting to see.
    southwest florida fishing guide in the beautiful 10k islands, everglades and more
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