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Christmas Eve Port Offshore

Left the Port with low expectations. Full moon, west and north winds, dirty water, etc...1-2ft forecast proved to be accurate until we get offshore. :#  Heading to our bottom spots in 120ft we see the flotilla on 8A and slide in to drift some dead dines. School kings running 10-12lbs+ were easy. Took a few and released a few. We counted 40 boats, mostly commercial. Left there and went to the 120ft arti stuff and released several ARS and kept a couple of good sized lanes on the chicken rig with cut grunt and a nice mango. Hooked and fought a seriously 8-10ft nurse to boatside. One of my guest onboard had never fished offshore, he was stroked! Wind had clocked north at 10-15 and seas were 3ft, 4 seconds for the ride back. Ugly, but dry and 25kts in the old Dusky. 
Bad Fish Must Die!!


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