What sites/apps do you use for marine weather forecasts?

I know this post or something similar has been up before but wondering what everyone uses.  I am mainly interested in offshore info but any will work.  NOAA is good for a day MAYBE a day and a half normally but I don't trust it past that unless the whole week they are reporting says 5-10 out of the northeast because there are no fronts coming.  Sailflow is NORMALLY a little more reliable for a few days out, at least it seems so to me.  Wondering what others are using.

NOAA - http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/zone/south/tbwmz.htm

Sailflow - https://www.sailflow.com/en-us/Search/ViewResults.aspx#27.811,-82.746,7,2

I hear some of the guys on the radio talking about reports for NEXT weekend all the time which is 7 days away and I have never seen anything that is even remotely accurate that far out.

Let me know what you use...Tight lines

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