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Edgewater/NSB 12/14

My neighbor and I moved into our houses about the same time 4 years ago, and we always said we were going to go fishing-- well we finally did!  We both had a great time and a new friendship was born!  We fished the last of out going and first incoming.  Started with a few trout at three sisters, moved to pontoon alley, no tide.  went to low tide creek, picked up a few small trout, a couple of black drums and a couple of large trout.  The fish felt like ice cubes and barely fought.  Water temp was 61!!!  Back to pontoon alley, tide was running better but we only caught mango, mango, mango, and sheepshead.  75% of the fish were released.  Had to keep a decent trout for the boss, and my new friend hadn't tried black drum, and some of the nurses aides that I work with like pinfish, grunts, etc.,.  
Take a friend fishing!  Its good for mental health!


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