surf fishing in St Augustine in January

TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 512 Officer
Family is heading to a place on  the beach in St Augstine right after New Years.  I'm not taking the boat but I hope to spend some time sitting on the beach with a beer and surf rod.  I've never spent any time in the area so any advice of bait, what's biting that time of year is appreciated.


  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 756 Officer
    im guessing cold water, maybe cut mullet or shrimp for blues whiting possible drum or sheepie. typically too late in the season for pomps but ya never know
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  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 512 Officer
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    are there typically flounder or reds in the surf there?  I'm not sure if I will use a carolina rig on the bottom or take an inshore rod to find some calmer water for sheepshead. 
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