Inshore Grouper

We have caught a lot of goliaths in the backwater holes and bends in the winter. Juveniles up to 15 pounds. Would like to replicate that with gags and blacks. We don’t go offshore often wanted to see if anyone has caught them inshore anywhere that are keeper size? I know they all stay around structure so is it all about water depth to catching the larger ones? Only place we have caught them is right next to the mangroves.Any recommended baits as we have caught some of our biggest fish on small jugs topped with shrimp!


  • Mr, GooganMr, Googan Posts: 67 Greenhorn
    I've caught a few keeper gags inshore, but always when the season is closed.  The picture shows how I target them.
  • FisherFisher 10,000 IslandsPosts: 9 Greenhorn
    Very nice Googan! Only thought that method was used offshore for groupers. Thanks for sharing will have to give it a try hopefully have luck prior the new year closure.  Will be fishing next week will post my report!
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    Grouper are not picky..half a dead fresh anything will work..the trick is to find them..
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    That's a great way to find them. need a stout rod. 
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    check out this show it might help you out. go 17 min.s and 15 sec.s in to get to the gag grouper
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    Great video Joe Snook that was a nice inshore gag! Liked seeing the mackerel you guys  caught in the backwater too haven’t ran into the back there yet! We tend to catch lots of goliaths but very few gags and blacks do they stay in different mangrove environments typically?
  • Joe SnookJoe Snook Posts: 463 Deckhand
    I generally find gags (the best ones while throwing live mullet) while im snook fishing. in that show i was on those gags for 2 days and theres always goliath in the spot we caught the one in but where i came up short was on the Red Grouper which i had been very successful with that year inshore and that day poof, the 2 spots i had came up empty they completely disappeared and no i have no explanation why or theory behind it except maybe dolphins or sharks found em, Who knows. I was trying to do a completely different show than ive ever done or even seen around these waters and target as many species of grouper back country as possible. too many same ole snook trout red and tarpon shows so i tried to change things up. i Lost a few goliaths around 80 to 100 lbs in another spot that day i was so pissed and that was the third gag we lost the first 2 to the same tree behind the boat so i had had enough and jumped in to get a good angle on the tree to pull the fish out. that was a great show for me it was aired internationally and gave me alot of exposure and im very appreciative to Charlie for the hook up and Graham who produced the show. i accepted to do it because that was literally one of my all time favorite fishing shows, i dont watch many but look forward to that one and now i know why after meeting him. such a laid back fun dude that tries to make the whole show about you such a humble dude im a big fan more after doing the show than ever
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