Couple days of grouper fishing

Last Thursday I went out with some buddies out of crystal river. plan was to find some new spots in 20' or less. it was a bit choppy so we trolled for a while only picking up a lizard fish. went over a nice spot but didn't get any hits on the plugs. circle around and anchor up on it. only had frozen bait as i couldn't find any pinfish on the flats. Still ended up catching about 20 short grouper and a bunch of grunts. couple of heart breaker 23" fish. 

Tuesday went out with my old football coach. still couldn't find any pinfish so off we went with frozen bait again to a spot he had in 16'. nothing wanted to the frozen bait so i started throwing a rapala around and caught the first grouper. left that spot and trolled around the barge canal and caught another 9 or shorts. 

Wednesday i was all by myself so i figured i would troll west of the intake canal and find some new spots. First rod went off and had a nice 25" gag in the boat! good start to the day. trolled around some more and couple more shorts. I go by some crab traps and a rod got slammed. reel him in and now have two keepers in the boat by 10:30. figured i would keep exploring. Found some really nice rock piles but never got a hit. most of the fish i caught, i didnt see any significant structure on the bottom machine. I am guessing they were just kinda scattered? 

 So ended up catching them every type of way but could never figure out a pattern. Guess i will keep trying. 
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