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Grant/Valkaria Slow

18 Dec 2018....Grant/Valkaria...Weather guessers actually got this one right.  Launched and headed North into the pea soup.  Internal TD’s still working, hit the spot that I wanted, not great for Trout, one that barely broke the 12 inch mark.  Something big was working the bait, could not get to hit.  Thinking small Shark.  Run further North to Hog Point, clean water and mat grass.  Work back into the cut, slow.  Finally get a Rat Red, had two more for the day, at other spots, that qualified as Mouse Class.  Really hoping to find a Sheepshead in the Mangroves, not happening today.  Pitching docks, only saw one.  Best bet on the docks today was Ladies, all on the very small side.  Working the mangroves yielded a 12 inch Whiting, definitely lost.  Pulled a slot Trout a little later.  Washburn Cove, Trout hole was loaded with Ladies and short Trout.  Docks were a total bust.  Headed South to Ballard Cove, again, a bust, 10 inch Trout and skinny Ladies.  Cross to the spoil islands, a pair of slot Trout, over all slow.  No i did not run to the Inlet, do not enjoy getting run over.  All players caught on the Baby Vudu Shrimp and released for better times.


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