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Question about a used G. Loomis set up

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need a little help I have a guide  offering me a G Loomis Pro 4X  9 ft 8 wt. Rod 4 piece 
and the reel is a Lamson Remix       

It was used for float trips for  Steelhead in Northern Indiana  which is what I'm going to do with it however think it might work on South West Florida flats.  

He is asking $350 for the set up including the backing.  Any opinions, this is  my first venture into the fly zone.  



  • idlerickidlerick Littleton, Colorado & Sarasota, FlaPosts: 241 Deckhand
    I am TOTALLY unfamiliar with either the rod or the reel models, so can't advise as to the economics of the deal. But Loomis (and all other) rod, reel, and major equipment manufacturers offer dealers, dealers' key employees, and guides the opportunity to purchase equipment, in limited quantities, at roughly 40-50% of list. The purpose, obviously, is to get their names out there and have fly shop employees be able to recommend a rod or reel or line from first-hand knowledge. Ditto guides on their Pro Staff. ("Pro" is short for "Promotional", BTW, not "Professional", so keep that in mind.)
    Given that, take the list price and divide by 2 and that's what the guide has invested. And he and his clients have used it for 2-3 years, probably not lovingly.
    As to the suitability of the outfit for Fla, since it's your first one, I'm sure you can make it work. The 9 foot and the 8 weight are right anyway. After that it'll just be a fly rod to you until you get pickier and harder to please. The line will be much more important to you.

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