Estero Bay Advice

Looking to see if anyone can give me some advice on getting my two boys 8 & 10 into some fish in Estero Bay this coming week.  While I am an avid angler and can catch fish, I am smart enough to realize with all the variable fishing the gulf, if you are not here full time it’s tough to keep on top of a pattern.  It would be cheaper, easier and more productive to hire a guide each time I come down, but I enjoy trying to do it myself.  I grew up visiting/fishing with my grandfather in Southwest Florida and wanted my boys to have the same experiences.  We only get down a few times a year.  I do have a boat that can get me pretty much anywhere in the bay or a few miles out.  Gave it a shot today...  pretty slow.  Hit a couple sheep’s head spots.  No bite.  Tried a trout spot or two.  Same result.  Piddled around at Big Carlos and New Pass.  Not much to speak of.  Ended up with a catfish and a few undersized snapper.  Fishing shrimp.  Paddle tale, but can throw a net to catch bait or fish most any artificial.  

Not asking for all of your secrets but any advise on what might be biting and some general guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Don’t post here often as I usually don’t have much to offer.  I usually have to live vicariously through you all.  Thanks for all the great post!

Thank you again!


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