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Blackwater River and bay

how much water is there at low tide?  Best time of year?  Thanks for any info 


  • 10kman10kman Posts: 790 Officer
       Backyard,Black Water Bay and river never been my favorite
    because at low tide is very shallow.But at least you can see
    all the oyster bars.I prefer Palm Bay,Mud Bay or Buttonwood,
    they have shallow and deeper water areas.

  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 9,025 Admiral
    Talk about shallow...Mud and Palm will dang near dry right out on a Negative Tide. 
    Mud has a deep area near the southern end but to fish it proper your gonna have to let yourself get landlocked ,
    Got across Palm and stop right at the entrance to mud. Stay there till the tide runs out to nothing and you'll be able to leave at 1/4 tide incoming or so.
    No Country for old men and wimps. You see a Camo Jon boat up there...It's me.
    Buttonwood is good near the back way entrance at a real low but the southern end will get Real shallow.
    Blackwater if'n you stay in the River proper holds decent water at any tide.
    Best time of the year is coming up. I catch Snook and Reds in all of them all year but the big push has already started for the Winter fishing....Land of a Thousand casts.
    Killin and Grillin :grin
  • backyardhockeybackyardhockey Posts: 146 Deckhand
    I asked cause I went from the state park and tried to get through mud bay. No dice even on s kayak 2 hours before low tide. Figure I’ll try the Blackwater side on some cold day. I assume on a cold day once the sun gets up a bit the fish will go for the shallow areas?
  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 9,025 Admiral
    Right at the mouth theirs big flats to the west...good place to be come mid day in the Cold Months....
    Go thru the Park and float with the tides...
    Killin and Grillin :grin
  • MollyBrownMollyBrown Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    You have to be at the top half of the tide to navigate through both mud bay entrances (north and south).  I have run my 17' HPX through there several times.  Fun place to fish.  Not much doing in the Blackwater river, but, the bay before the river narrows can be very good.
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