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Trout, anyone?

NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 606 Officer
I knew they got hit hard by the red tide but I'm beginning to worry. I've spent a good 12 hours in the last week or so drifting flats and potholes all across PIS, and I didn't even get a sniff on shrimp, swimbaits or vudu shrimp. I was fishing flats that I have caught fish on every cast in years past, like Chino, Wulfert, Rocky channel, the fish shacks, captiva rocks. The pinfish are so thick on some flats that it looks like a bait ball is chasing my lure in every cast, however not a single trout even seen in the crystal clear water. What's funny is I caught a few trout about a month or so ago, and then they vanished. So, is anyone out there catching trout in the area? Not looking for honey holes, just wondering if I've lost my touch. Seems to me that sea trout should be closed for harvest more than the snook and reds at this point. Saw plenty of snook and reds throughout the sound albeit a bit chilly today in the 62 degree water. Looks like sheepshead is gonna be the only game this winter during cold fronts.


  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,222 Captain
    I've been finding them WAY further up river than normal.  
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  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 5,453 Admiral
    Spotted Sea Trout got hit extremely hard, but there are some out there still, though in seriously depleted numbers. I personally have not kept a single legal Trout this past year and still won't until they have time to come back.......hopefully.
  • BigGuyinaLittleBoatBigGuyinaLittleBoat Posts: 45 Greenhorn
    I caught 2 20"+ last night on topwater in the Burnt Store Marina area. Probably could have caught many more, but I was working the shoreline. They've been fairly reliable in the deeper water between islands inside the bar. The snook are as thick as ever it seems as I had action almost every cast. And **** catfish, 6 of them last night. Is there anything more disappointing than catching hardheads on topwater?
  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 606 Officer
    It just amazed me that I didn't even get one fish, even on some decent incoming tides. Didn't see anyone else catching either, guess I will have to keep looking. My main stomping grounds took the hardest hit, it's been tough going to areas you always used to catch fish and see nothing. Hopefully we are on the road to recovery.
  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 5,453 Admiral
    Trout reproduce quicker than Snook or Reds, but it will take several years and possibly more stringent regs 
  • WorldOnFlyWorldOnFly Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    West wall has been iffy but the east wall has been on fire and like Keith said, up river is also on fire once you hit them.
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