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1/2 of Team Cobia fish Fort Desoto Gulf Pier 12/1/18

We got to the pier about 10:00 a.m. as Bob is not an early riser and being my first trip to the park, Bob did the driving. As soon as we got set up at the fist platform near the rocks, there was action. Everything from slot and undersized snook, to 5-10 pond black drum, rat and slot sized redfish, bull whiting, sheepshead, as well as mangrove snapper and pompano. I have never seen as many species caught off of a pier in my life, and I have fished FL piers from Jacksonville to Pensacola.There were even spanish mackerel, small black tips and bonnet heads being caught. I was told by on of the regulars that "We finally got a good day, we deserve it" as he explained to me that this is not the norm for Fort Desoto and that it had been some time since the last epic day.

Days Catch
4 Black Drum (one Donated to another fisherman)
15 Bull Whiting
2 Pompano (one undersized) 
1 Mangrove Snapper 17" donated to Bob by a vegan fisherman
2 Sheepshead
1. Slot Redfish (released due to closure for red tide)

Can someone give me some insight as to how true that statement is and also are there any big sheepshead that congregate during the colder months, as well as flounder, any flounder or pompano seasons?

I also caught the smallest Whiting I have ever seen.

Check out the pics.



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