Boat tow question in Fort Myers beach area

austjjaustjj Posts: 101 Deckhand
I have towing insurance on my boat for $2,500. My question is if I fish the area around Pine Island, Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach always in sight of shore what would towing  cost be to nearest Yamaha engine repair or  take to Punta Rasa ramp? Also which is the better tow service in that area? Appreciate your input and suggestions.


  • SaltygatorvetSaltygatorvet TallahasseePosts: 3,990 Captain
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    I’m not sure what the cost to tow would be, depends on the mileage. But if you are not a sea tow or tow us member, you are lowest priority. All members get taken care of first. You be surprised how quickly $2500 can disappear on a tow. If you have one or the other, you may get an insurance break. I have sea tow ( big bend) and am very happy. They will jump you off or bring you gas. Piece of mind is worth $160 a year for me
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  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,714 Moderator
    I would say we have two very good  providers in our area. Sea Tow and Tow BOAT US.  At a very reasonable price.
     Now from personal experience I have used TOW BOAT US twice  both times long tow from offshore .No out of pocket expense ,with the plan that I chose.
  • austjjaustjj Posts: 101 Deckhand
    Thanks to both for your suggestions
  • vulcaneevulcanee Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    They are both great providers in the area as larrywitt has stated. I guarantee the cost of membership will be lower than the tow itself, even withing a couple miles of land.
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