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Store your kayak upside down?

hobie recommends storing them upside down saying this way has the best support. Anybody store “right side up” and had any issues?  I’m goes to stick a transducer in the hull with duct seal and am concerned that it won’t hold if kayak is upside down


  • SaltyScalesSaltyScales Tampa FloridaPosts: 53 Greenhorn
    I store mine right side up in a garage and have never had any issues. I have the Oldtown Predator 13. 
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  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,931 Captain
    Take some pool noodles, and cut a ten foot 3/4" pvc pipe in half.  Slide the pool noodle over the two 5ft sections of PVC pipe.   Store the kayak right side up resting on the cushioned PVC pipes supporting along the indented hull areas.  This is what I have for mine, but if you get lazy and don't use it, the hull distortion is barely noticeable. 
  • dcrdcr Posts: 365 Deckhand
    I have a Hobie.  During the "season" for me I hang it from straps from my garage ceiling.  Since my car is parked under it, I also have a redundant system with a couple more straps + some lines to the handles.  It's right side up about 7 months/year.
    In the winter I take everything out of it and turn it over upside down.
    When I transport it locally I just throw it into the bed of the pickup, but when I travel down to you guys, I put a couple pool noodles under it to keep the bed liner from creasing the hull on the ride down.  The noodles get pretty squashed so I know it's the right thing to do.  So far no issues in 5 years that I know of.
  • ljkljk Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    Mine is rightside up on straps in my garage.  12 months a year.  Hobie Pro Angler 12.
  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,256 Officer
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    You will be fine. I invented the duc seal technique and have done over a thousand kayaks that way. Never had one come loose. That duc seal is amazing stuff it comes in handy around the house for lots of other uses.
      The reason you want to avoid storing on the hull bottom is hot weather is to avoid the deep dents that will occur unless you provide very wide support.
       I always install transducer in front of the drive well and behind the sail mast. Use the sail mast to secure excess wire and use the front of sail mast to secure battery box.
  • quatinquatin Posts: 598 Officer
    I have. You can definitely see hull warping after a couple months, even in the garage. You can "mitigate" the problem  by hanging it with straps or making a kayak cradle with rope/pool noodles, but it won't eliminate it. I now store them on their sides with J-hooks on the wall.
  • BasstarBasstar Posts: 519 Officer
    There may be better ways to store a kayak but here's how I stored my tarpon, first with the rope/ noodle hangers, then my daughter gave me the "J" Hooks.
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