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Crystal River 11/19/2018

capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,335 Moderator
After getting my old boat "fixed" from the last trip. $$   I seen a decent forecast and wanted to give the fish another try.

The smoke/vapor/white stuff coming off the power plant looked decent..

Had 68 degree water temp and good incoming tide as I cleared Shell island at 8 am. Wind being NE it was a little bit lumpy for my 18' boat but not bad on the run out. Overcast made any trap looking for trips out of the question. 

Got the plugs out and got a quick double of shorts. That would be the story for most of the day unfortunately ..  
Got a 26" in the box and then lost a keeper due to a hook pull..Ugh , hate that was a decent fish. Then hooked what I thought was a dink but it grew as it got closer to the boat.  Started giving me a really hard time and somehow managed to run the line around something hard ?  Got into a standoff and it changed it's mind. Took off and the line parted . Good bye big gag and good bye plug..
I hate loosing the fish but hate leaving a lure on it's face more. Hope it falls out soon.

Tide slowed and got another 24 1/4" I threw back before going to some old spots by the canal. Spotted a small triple tail and caught it for fun on way over. Not much going on at old spot so on way back seen a keeper trip and got it to eat my DOA shrimp. Was a nice one. Forgot my BOGA and with no net I had to lip it.. Not recommended but it worked.

Table of doom shot..

Now back to the woods for awhile.
"You'll get your weather"


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