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Post Irma nav hazards?

We're getting back to Choko this Feb and March, after having to stay away last winter for lack of accomodations. Am wondering about the debris on shallow flats since Irma. Checking things out on Google Earth (1/24/18 imagery) I see what looks like a lot of trees on shallow flats from Jewell to Pavillion. And some prominent ones in the channel as you pass close to Turtle.

Is what I'm seeing on GE actually trees/debris? If so, at which tide stages are they a hazard? Would appreciate hearing from those of you who are actually out there. Thanks.


  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,332 Captain
    From Chokoloskee south - hardly any problems, if at all... As you go to the west, though, particularly from Fakahatchee towards Marco things do get a bit dicey... The inshore areas have lots and lots of downed trees and other hazards.  Remember it's not the tree you can see - it's the one you can't see...  If it were me I'd be sticking close to channels until I got outside... Your best bet always is to go through areas you're not familiar with at low tide since that will show you most of the hazards.  Make note of them so you can avoid them when they're submerged and out of sight...
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  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 1,571 Captain
    As Bob stated. I fish from Goodland down to round key mainly. I would suggest doing a lot of following if you get the shot in the back country. Alot of the trees have broken down so they are no longer a issue. Pay attention during low tide to mark some that you wont be able to see at high tide...I havent hit 1 in 6 months so its getting better. 
    Jason :USA
  • hodag_guyhodag_guy Posts: 70 Deckhand
    Thanks. Sounds like things have gotten better, but like always it pays to keep your head up.
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