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Jameis Winston gets the bench



  • Billy No MatesBilly No Mates Posts: 3,187 Captain
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    Scoutboat said:
    I can't really knock Winston.  He is what he is.  Much like all high school and college athletes, he's been pampered for his entire life.
    His intellectual mind was smothered with praise, he felt and still does, that he can do no wrong.
    I really sort of feel sorry for the guy.
    I don't feel sorry for him either. There are plenty of athletes that have been pampered the same way and haven't got into any trouble. It isn't an excuse to be an a-whole.
  • Mister-JrMister-Jr Posts: 27,752 AG

    Vote for the other candidate
  • stc1993stc1993 Albany, GA Carrabelle, FLPosts: 7,554 Admiral
    At least $30 mil richer..  I don't feel sorry for him.  He got what he wanted& worked for.
  • mindyabinessmindyabiness Posts: 6,430 Admiral
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    stc1993 said:
    At least $30 mil richer..  I don't feel sorry for him.  He got what he wanted& worked for.
    He was a great college QB and that got him a coveted opportunity to be an NFL QB. Right now it's not working out all that well. If he cant make it work, well.. I don't know what he will become, but it will most likely have something to do with sports. He may become just another ham and egger like the rest of us...I don't feel sorry for him. I feel he did the best he could. He's not real smart and has some self control issues. But he's no idiot and he should have a few million to get him through.

    Next year his salary will be 20.9 million if he stays with the Bucs as the club picked up the option in April...but it's not guaranteed. This year was worth about 8 million at the start of the season before the suspension. It was the fourth (last) year of a 25 .4 million $ deal.


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    How do you throw for 400 yds and only put up 3 points?  Fitzmagic....
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