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LWI 11/10 - Mahi Report

Headed south out of the inlet around 7:15.  Fished for all those blackfins peple have been talking about and didn't see any but did finally get a small one on the biggest diving plug out there meant for wahoo,  The plug was almost as big as the tuna.  Oh and don't mention the #10 wire.
Water was super green so decided to run out and find the blue edge.  Found it in 600' with some decent patches.  Not long before a double header is in the boat.  Found a 3rd one that was bigger than the other two attached to a line left out - nice surprise!  The fish hit the feather/strip combo first.

Decided to try a little more and saw some small baits getting spooked in the weed line.  Headed over and and had a another double header but these all shake loose.  Shortly after a I manage to loose a 3rd fish.
Real pretty morning except for the very green water inside.  The tuna was awesome for lunch!


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