11/10/2018 Inside Pine Island sound

I had a busy Saturday morning so I did not open Email and FS posts early. It was after 10:30 AM that i read a message of Spanish  around San Carlos bay  to the flats east of Redfish Pass. After texting Tileman  back and forth we met at the marina just after 12 noon.
 We went out looking for birds circling over bait. Found very loose bunch on the  flats in 7 feet of water  we trolled in thru around the school only 3 lady fish  for our efforts.  Well may as well run out of the pass ,no birds no sign of feeding fish. We decided turned back to San Carlos bay and work the the area  i was told about we there were small pods of jumping fish we trolled and drifted no takers  there was a lot of boat traffic. We stayed inside the slow no wake  zone. We were working a pod of jumping fish when  boat blows right by us and thru the jumping fish to add insult the were waving at us. I am sure the guy running the boat score very high on the stupid boater test. Weekends is prime time for these  people. At that we called it quits.
 On a good note I/we had no  red tide effects,water color was not the best.


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    Took my son out yesterday and at one point after poling several flats and catching some nice Snook we decided to get some Shrimp and catch a few Mangroves for dinner. We went to one of the piers on Bokeelia that did not have a boat fishing it and promptly caught some really nice Mangs, a Red and some decent Snook until some clown in a CC blaring loud music decided to pull up to the dock 25 in front of us and put down an anchor.

    Some people just don't care at all.

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    One thing I didn't miss during the times of heavy red tide was all the boats on the water. It's getting to be that time of year again where San Carlos bay becomes a boaters highway and most have no clue what they're doing. 
    The macks were much thicker the day before, thousands of birds everywhere you looked in that area.
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    The old saying      You should have been here yesterday.

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