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Ladyfish Blitz

7 Nov 2018... Wabasso South... Headed straight to Hobart Landing.  Not much happening, U-2’s and short Snapper.  Tried one of the cuts in the flats, couple of Ladies.  Watching to the North end, fish started crashing bait.  Plug rod time with the Tactical Angler Popper.  This is not a small lure.  Ladies were swallowing it to the front treble.  Good hook up, just under 2 # Lady, lost a couple, then another hook up, just over 2 # Lady.  Shift over to a spinner for distance, still TA Popper, solid hit.  Definitely not a Lady.  Wound up being a Spanish Mackerel, just under 3 #.  Missed a big Sail Cat, hooked the next one.  Lost it right at the boat. Dolphin showed up and spoiled the party.  Head for the Sisters, several short Snook.  Work the spoil islands, short Snapper and a barely legal Trout.  Lost a Baby Vudu Shrimp, quick hit and cut by a Cuda.  Estuary, back in the mud, big Sheepshead, not in the playing mood.  2 more in the Mangroves same result, nothing.  Nothing in the Johns Island/Vero area.  On the way out, hit the spoil islands.  Another Baby Vudu gone.  Way over slot Snook, pulled her out of the Mangroves twice.  Third time she went in and turned, came close to getting her out, line cut.  The rig is set for heavy cover pitching.  15 # braid, 30 # leader, drag set at 8 pounds.  She ran with ease against this.  Head for home.  Stop at the mud bay.  Hard Head Cats, Cuda and short Snook.  Back out on the Hobart flat.  Missed a couple of big Trout, boated one that was barely legal.  All players released for future encounters.  


  • FlecFlec Posts: 705 Officer
    Strange how the cudas have shown up again after being absent most of the year. I saw 2 big Spanish skyrocket on mullet early last Sat. I did not want to get cut off and loose my new topwater lure so I left them alone. Sounds like that lost snook was a strong one. I love those kind of battles, but sometimes the fish wins. Love the sport!
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