Red Tide, Baits and Smoker Kings

The Kingfish bite is red hot,  the 2018 Fall tournament season is upon us and we have a 600 pound gorilla in the room with us, right over there in the corner: Red Tide.

So, the 25th Annual Fall King of the Beach King Mackerel Tournament is a go. 500+ teams will be fishing. Lot’s and lots of cash and prizes will be awarded after the weigh-in.

Still, there is Red Tide. to consider. We’ve reached out to several local bright lights to offer you advise on how to get the right mindset and prep for the conditions you may encounter. Check out the King of the Beach Fishing Report from Captain Ryan Harrington for a real time update on what the conditions are (and have been) like and how you might best approach the King this year.

CLICK HERE to see video and read the rest of the tips.


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