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8 point on camera



  • GRIZZLGRIZZL Posts: 822 Officer
    GRIZZL said:

    All ready for my son this MZ weekend. Got 2 this size working. I was busted at 36 yards on a bigger one during archery- coming right to me but I was in front of the tree not behind..picked me up quick.

    We'll see. Wish I could wait for archery next year..but that would be 2 years wait..THAT is what I hate
    Put my son on this one yesterday..He had a doe come flying by him and he became fixated on her, too fast for him to shoot at..watched her run behind him...by the time she went outa sight he turned to see this guy chasing her. He was not ready and didn't take the iffy shot (proud of him!). He's never hunted a rut and saw chasing before. I thought the rut was long gone and didn't school him on what to do when a doe is running around for no reason..now he knows. My bad.

    He took videos of a dozen hogs off the tree to. He had a great time and THATS what it's all about.

    Got rained out today so MZ is done. Next up..regular season..
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